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Executive Coaching targets leadership development, improved business results and personal development goals.

Simply put, executive coaching consists of a series of structured, one on one, interactions between a coach and an executive aimed at enhancing the executives effectiveness in their work environment and personal lives. These interactions can be face to face, by telephone and combined with team meetings as required.

Our coaching is about unlocking potential and filling gaps between where people are and where they would like to be.

Coaches serve as facilitators, motivators, consultants and sounding boards dealing with business goals, people interaction and self management issues. While behaviour change will often be a key focus, the coach's role is not that of a therapist. It is not about unravelling personalities, but often involves people doing things differently to achieve desired results.

The essence of executive coaching offered by the Executive Coaching Network is confidential independent feedback and good action ideas we help integrate into real time job and personal situations.


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